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The Hallmark Channel Embraces Presidents' Day!

[The Belladonna]

Get ready for your happily-ever-Tafter!

EA Sports Announces New, Relatable Slate of Games

[Points in Case]

Why play as Lionel Messi when you can play as Herb from Accounting?

Announcing My 2024 Run

[The Belladonna]

With your help, I may even join a race.


For Dummies By Dummies

[The Weekly Humorist]

Since 1991, the dummies of the world have been empowered to learn about everything through the For Dummies ® series. However, sometimes having an expert teaching you a skill can feel like you’re being condescended to, which can lead a prospective learner to shy away from the experience of learning altogether. That is why we’ve developed a new series, For Dummies By Dummies ®.


Children's Birthday Party Themes That Live Up to Their Descriptions

[Points in Case]

Who needs musical chairs when you can enjoy the real stakes of fighting for a seat on the subway?


What Happens When We Die: Best Case Scenarios

[The Belladonna]

Finally get cast as Yorick in your community theater’s production of Hamlet!


It's About Time

[text-based choose-your-own-adventure game on Kinzoo's app]

Remy the Red Panda accidentally makes a time machine for her science project, and only you can help her get back to the present time!


Unnatural History

[text-based choose-your-own-adventure game on Kinzoo's app]

Vicky, the new head of the natural museum, has 2 weeks until the museum is inspected and potentially shut down forever. The only problem--there is no museum. 


Bridge to Nowhere

[a selection of a book that only exists in a library in the video game Thimbleweed Park]

If you memorize the conventions and pay attention, bridge should be quite easy. Unfortunately, I had done neither of those things. 


The Modern-Day Pantheon 

[McSweeney’s Internet Tendency]

Dionysus, god of Franzia and body glitter.


Record Breaker

[screenwriter::short film]

Jonathan, the only seemingly untalented member of a family of prodigies, decides the only way to fit in with his special family is to break a world record.

//Winner of Best Comedy @ LA Shorts Fest 2013

//Indie Memphis Film Festival 2013

//Cleveland International Film Festival 2014]

TSA cover w blurry back.jpg

Touched by a TSAngel 

[available on Kindle]

When Jen, an inexperienced girl from the woods of New Hampshire, lands her first big job as a wood saleswoman in the big city, she thinks her guardian angel must be watching her. But when she finds out she’ll be flying around the country to make sales, and passing through TSA regularly, she realizes her guardian angel is also patting her down.

A titillating novel about the TSA that I can neither confirm nor deny being involved with. Available on Kindle here!

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