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Katie draws comics and illustrations, writes short humor pieces, and plays 4 chords on the banjo. She is currently a therapist specializing in working with kids using art and play therapy, but she previously worked as a children's birthday party entertainer and as a fan mail manager for Jerry Lee Lewis. She was a screenwriting fellow at the American Film Institute and is a big proponent of googly eyes.


Katie hails from Memphis and has lived in a bike shed, in uncomfortably close quarters with raccoons, and with a member of Gwar. She currently lives, works, and draws in New York.

You may know her from such hits as...

  • Sender of unsolicited fan mail to Nobody Listens to Paula Poundstone (with a long, descriptive shoutout in Episode 56, at the 53:18 minute mark), 2019

  • Rubik’s Cube winner on Ask Me Another with Tim Gunn, NPR, 2016

  • Maybe being your math tutor or camp counselor. 


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